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[ an obsessive nature ]

a knitter's place

27 May
between 2002 and 2005, I've knitted 2 cardigans, 1 sweater, 3 ponchos, at least 30 felted clog slippers, at least 20 scarves, 10 mittens, 22 hats, 4 little purses, 2 baby blankets, 4 baby sweaters, 8 baby booties; and the list goes on. i've probably altered every single pattern i've ever used and made up a few of my own.

i like to knit things all in once piece if i can figure out a way to do it. my guru is elizabeth zimmerman, and i own all her books--though my two favorites are knitting without tears and knitting around. i adore her personal strength, her knitting convictions and her belief in making every piece of knitting one's own.

otherwise, i'm a writer (scifi/fantasy novel and an mfa in poetry), and i tend to get fairly obsessed with science fiction books and television. i'm a current fan of the new battlestar galactica and a recent fan of firefly, farscape, xena, buffy, angel, etc. as for books, i'm a huge fan of patricia mckillip, ursula le guin, peter beagle, and dan simmons.